Valid and Stretch Money share potent single “Commentate”


Detroit’s Valid and Stretch Money show no signs of slowing down with their latest song, a blazing, lyrically-focused effort that precedes the release of their forthcoming album Bill & Isiah.     Combining razor sharp production with poignant, dextrous bars from the two veteran emcees, “Commentate” gives listeners even more reason to be excited for their upcoming collaborative record Bill & Isiah.

Following up Valid and Stretch Money’s prior single “Sentimental”, which contained an 80’s electro-pop tinged sound from the duo, “Commentate” presents a different style and demonstrates their versatility, with a sleek boom bap track that hits hard with clever lyrics and powerful flows. Atop a scorching bed of synths and muscular percussion, they weave together elastic bars packed with focused lyricism that beckons multiple re-listens.

The latest from Valid and Stretch Money, “Commentate” makes for an enthralling listen packed with dense layers. Check it out below and get ready for their upcoming LP Bill & Isiah.

Listen to “Commentate” here:

Watch the new visualizer for “Commentate” here:

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