“Lexie Martin’s ‘SuperPower’ Had Us All Dancing”

Lexie Martin

Have you ever had the pleasure of meeting someone who emanates such joy, something which you can’t refrain from grinning simply being around them? Meet Lexie Martin, a 4’10” powerhouse with a voice that will have you dancing like no one is looking. Lexie is demonstrating that she has the capacity to make us all move with her latest album, “SuperPower.”

Lexie understands how to compose a catchy song as a pop singer-songwriter. What distinguishes her is her ability to imbue her music with an irresistible enthusiasm that is sorely needed in today’s environment. You can hear the passion and intensity she delivers to every note from the time she opens her mouth.

“SuperPower” is no different. The music starts with something like a pumping beat that has your legs thumping right away, and as quickly as Lexie begins singing, you realize you’re receiving an unforgettable treat. Her voice glides smoothly above the music, reaching notes you had no idea existed. Then as the chorus comes on, you can’t help but sing along with the upbeat lyrics.

Yet it’s Lexie’s personality that truly makes “SuperPower” stand out. She is really not frightened to show off her eccentricities, and that it’s tough to just not smile whenever she sings.  Her song is so pleasant and enjoyable due to her sense of humor and energy.

Lexie’s admirers concur. With over 2800 Instagram followers, she has a devoted following who appreciates her upbeat personality and contagious attitude. People are drawn to her music because it makes them feel good, which is a superpower in and of itself in a world that can be so terrible and sad.

Therefore, if you’re having a bad day, throw on “SuperPower” and let Lexie Martin’s joyful energy boost you up. Who knows, you could end up dancing like no one is looking.