Meet Rising Artist “Matt U Johnson

Matt U Johnson

International recording artist Matt U Johnson is embarking on a new journey with his more in-depth  Ep “ The Outset”.  Born  into a Jamaican/American Family ,Johnson was born and raised in NYC on the borough of Staten Island . But in his life has moved around for pleasure, Schooling and relocating his place of residence to places like London  UK , Toronto, Canada & more . Currently Matt resides  in the Texas border town of El Paso. 

Here he has started to create a more deeper and more personal creation at one of El Paso’s premier recording studios “Star City”  along side his new producer James “Petrichor” Ballou . His new Ep  “ The Outset EP” is a new beginning for the artist following his last big single “Pon Fire”which features the legendary Snoop Dogg & Canadian recording  star Karl Wolf. Johnson has never gone so deep into his personal life, he has stated  it tells the tales of him being down at times of hardship in his career  , to him telling the story of appreciation to his family who has supported his music journey through the highs & lows to tales of love & triumph. Johnson has also stated this new Ep is more vocal & more into the Pop/R&B realm more than ever before but has hints of his Jamaican heritage in some songs staying true to his roots.