‘THE WAKE’ by “The Unusuals’ Is the anthem you’ve been waiting For

The Unusuals

Xperience and Ninjaface, dba The Unusuals, premiere their explosive single, “THE WAKE.” Their music tells the stories of the spiritual chrysalis and the struggle to transform in the darkness, a narrative that is more relevant than ever in the world we live in today. The Unusuals’ ability to create relatable yet fringy observations, set to a soulful and grimy soundtrack, sets them apart from the rest.

Xperience and Ninjaface are no strangers to the hip-hop scene, with decades combined in the industry. Both artists have been a part of notable groups such as Oldominion, Grayskul, Step Cousins (XP & Macklemore), and Th3rdz, as well as countless collaborations. Their deep roots in the Pacific Northwest underground scene have helped hone their craft and created a sound that is uniquely theirs.

“This track comes from a genuine place of paranoia we all must feel. Most sense a target on their back, and rightfully so. Own it. Use their hatred for your motivation, and win. Leaving beautiful destruction in your wake,” says Xperience about the inspiration behind “THE WAKE.”

“The Wake” is a testament to their skill, with its striking hooks, cerebral wordplay, and a disruptive, war-like delivery that creates an unfamiliar yet captivating sound. The golden age of hip-hop would be proud of this offering, but The Unusuals bring something new to the table. They are beholden to no coast or region, creating a sound entirely their own.

Ninjaface’s ability to paint vivid pictures with his words, coupled with his freakish cadences, transports the listener into a world of his creation. Meanwhile, Xperience’s use of visual metaphors and eloquent conveyance, combined with his golden voice, causes spontaneous time travel for those listening. The Unusuals’ chemistry and complete mind-meld are evident in “THE WAKE,” with equal and opposite forces working together to create something extraordinary. The flex is real, and they just might be better than your favorite rappers.

“THE WAKE” is a must-listen, showcasing the talent and originality that The Unusuals bring to the scene. Don’t miss out on this incredible track from Xperience and Ninjaface.