“Troy Bennett’s Graveyard Lips: Unearthing Emotions Through ‘Bare)Ly Existing’


Troy Bennett’s Graveyard Lips, a musical phenomenon from Hammond, LA, develops in the realm of music, where genres converge and musicians play with melodies like crazy scientists. You’re in for a treat that’s as refreshing as discovering a cold drink at a desert oasis if you haven’t heard of him yet.

Troy Bennett, whose name sounds like it belongs in a Shakespearean play or a tale of a daring pirate, adds a distinctive flavor to the musical landscape. His songs are like a symphony of feelings that quietly infiltrate your soul, build a warm bonfire, and begin roasting feelings like marshmallows. Cemetery Lips? Don’t worry; singing zombies are not involved. It concerns lips that have had enough experience to write a novel but have opted to write music instead.

Even if your house were on fire, you wouldn’t want to miss Troy Bennett’s Graveyard Lips’ most recent masterwork, “Bare)Ly Existing,” a 9-track musical trip. You’ll experience twists and turns that will give you the impression that you are riding an emotional yo-yo as it is similar to a rollercoaster through the emotional spectrum. There is no denying Troy’s talent as a musician, and his deep love for music permeates every note, striking you like a romantic cupid reaching straight for your heart.

“Bare)Ly Existing,” which was released on July 5th, 2023, is more than just a musical collection; it’s an experience. This CD makes listening seem like staring up at the stars on a quiet night while sipping a cup of your favorite tea. It’s the kind of music that inspires reflection on existence, raises philosophical issues, and makes you wonder if you should finally pick up the kazoo.

The album, which is accessible on all streaming services, extends an invitation to a place where melodies and feelings coexist. So Troy Bennett’s Graveyard Lips has something for everyone, whether you like soulful music or just like to tap your foot to a good beat.

Visit his Facebook page. if you want to learn more about this musical mystery. It’s like getting a sneak preview into a gold mine of musical genius.

And for those who can’t wait to dive headfirst into the musical abyss, the album is available on Bandcamp and Spotify.

Troy Bennett’s Graveyard Lips shines as a beacon of musical brilliance in a world of uninteresting songs. So go ahead and allow your ears to enjoy a voyage into the captivating universe of “Bare)Ly Existing” as well as your heart to tango with feelings you never thought it was capable of. Your heart might even send you a love message in Morse code in return. Your ears will thank you.