The Eye-Opening Sounds of SAVARRE: A Journey into ‘Awake’


This “avant-garde Spectra Rock outfit,” as they boldly label themselves, is not here to blend into the background. Led by the multi-talented Shannon Denise Evans, SAVARRE’s 2020 single, ‘Awake,’ is a testament to their commitment to authenticity.

Evans, a true Renaissance woman with talents ranging from singer-songwriter to playwright and novelist, doesn’t just create music—she crafts experiences. Speaking about ‘Awake,’ Evans dives deep into the song’s meaning, revealing a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. She eloquently describes the process of awakening, of seeing oneself and the world with newfound clarity. It’s not just about waking up; it’s about choosing to stay awake, even when the truth might be uncomfortable.

Released under XIII Records, ‘Awake’ is more than just a song—it’s a manifesto for living authentically. SAVARRE’s music comes from a place of honesty and intention, a fact that shines through in every note and lyric. Their sound, described as “Spectra Rock,” is a blend of genres and influences that defy easy categorization. It’s music that demands to be heard, to be felt, and to be understood.

As you immerse yourself in the ethereal sounds of SAVARRE, it’s clear that this is a band with a message. Their music transcends mere entertainment; it’s a call to arms, urging listeners to break free from the chains of conformity and embrace their true selves. In a world that often encourages us to hide our flaws and conform to societal norms, SAVARRE’s music is a breath of fresh air—a reminder that true beauty lies in our uniqueness.

One of the most striking aspects of SAVARRE’s music is its ability to blend genres effortlessly. Drawing inspiration from rock, pop, and even elements of classical music, SAVARRE creates a sound that is entirely their own. Their music is both timeless and contemporary, with lyrics that are both poetic and profound. It’s music that speaks to the soul, urging listeners to dig deep and confront their innermost fears and desires.

In conclusion, SAVARRE is more than just a band; they’re a movement, a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. With ‘Awake,’ they’ve proven that they’re not afraid to take risks, to push boundaries, and to challenge the status quo. So, if you’re ready to embark on a musical journey unlike any other, give SAVARRE a listen. Who knows? You might just awaken something within yourself that you never knew existed.

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