WesoGee Presents Debut Album from Blame it on Weso


Trust Nobody Music Group,LLC presents the debut album from WesoGee-Blame It On Weso. “Blame It On Weso” is a collection of heartfelt songs that reflect his passion for music and storytelling. This album features fellow labelmates, and artists Streets Soprano, Heckler, KARMA Blanco, Emily Rodriguez, Ivan Da Great, and K Pistol.

All 7 tracks are packed with a mellow, unique sound that Weso has been working on consistently and passionately. The lead single, iSay, featuring KARMA Blanco and Streets Soprano, has a magical blend of melodies and lyrics, as well as a catchy, singable hook. Take Patience, featuring Emily Rodriguez, will take you on a musical journey as you explore the depths of emotions through soul-stirring tunes. Everything I Wanted, Go for mines, From Afar, RNP x Problems, The Real You, are a fusion of emotions, melodies, and beats that will captivate your senses.

From soulful ballads to energetic, harmonic tunes, this album is a reflection of Wesos musical evolution. WesoGee worked with a wide range of producers including Imminent Productions, Desirez Beats, Mel The Producer, and more. Available now on all DSP’s, executive produced by Streets Soprano; mixed & mastered by Deep Productions; and distributed by Trust Nobody Music Group,LLC /Empire Records.